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A VIP from Crickland 

- Abdur Quaderi

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This is an e-book, written in a screenplay style
A fairy tale based on modern T20 cricket
Subject: Cricket
Suitable for movie

All characters are fictitious. 

The author used to be a cricket player and presently has an active interest in sports. He is a dual citizen of Bangladesh and Australia. He has written articles on various subjects, including cricket, which were published at www.banglacricket.com and at VARIETY, an online magazine within www.bdjobseeker.net. He has also written a novel entitled ‘Shomoyer hishabe bhool’ (a Bengali name, the English meaning of which is ‘Wrong Timing’). The full book has not yet been published. 

He has also written an e-book entitled 7colours, which was published recently through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). 


A VIP from Crickland 

First part

Fremoni International Airport

John Smith is General Manager in a large company in Sunderlili, a wealthy country that plays international cricket. Once upon a time, he was on a long business trip. International travel is interesting to most people, however, to John Smith it is just an ordinary activity, as he is a frequent flyer. He has to travel for work purpose almost all the time. Sometimes he even gets bored travelling (flying in Business Class... !).

One day John Smith was having a long break at Fremoni airport VIP lounge.  This is a very expensive lounge, where only a cup of coffee costs US$ 322. Out of a seating capacity of 32, there are only 4 people in this lounge, these lucky people can afford such luxury! 

One of these 4 people is a 43 year old man by the name of Tino Timusco. 

Today Tino Timusco is wearing a very unusual type of dress that can be rarely seen. At least John Smith (a widely traveled person) has never seen this kind of attire. The trousers are very loose. The shirt is neither half sleeve nor full sleeve, however, it is very fashionable and colourful. In his own mind, John Smith appreciates the talent of the fashion designer. From appearance alone, it can be easily said that Tino Timusco is an extremely rich man. At least his flashy golden colour tie will make everyone wonder - 'how much did he pay for that tie'?

John Smith was observing this strange man as a waiter approached him. 

Waiter: Sir, what can I get for you?

Tino: Cup of coffee

Waiter: Sir, have you seen our menu?

Tino: No need. Just a cup of coffee please ... 

Waiter: Sir, it is my responsibility to tell you that our coffee by itself is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, but if you order it with ....

Tino (slightly annoyed, he looks at the waiter): Please, there is no need to explain. I know, this is a VIP LOUNGE in Fremoni International Airport. Everything, everything here is SUPPOSED TO BE EXPENSIVE....

Waiter:   Sorry Sir .

Tino: That’s OK. Please be quick. I only have 40 minutes . (He looks at his golden wrist watch)

John was sitting in a  table just opposite Tino. He was watching Tino quickly going through a bunch of cricket books and magazines one after another.

It appeared to John that Tino was a very quick reader, however, sometimes he took a very long time and concentrated on only one page. Once in a while  he opened his large mobile phone and took some notes! As if he was seriously engaged in research and study inside a library. What is so serious about cricket? John thought in his own mind....

John was surprised to see all of these unusual activities. At one stage, he stood up from his chair and approached Tino.

John: Sorry to disturb you, but I came to remind you that you don’t have too much time to wait here ……

Tino: Excuse me?

John: I overheard you saying that you have only 40 minutes time. I believe there is only about 2 minutes left now …… (John looked at his own watch, just to make an impact)

.............................     [TO BE CONTINUED] .....................


A VIP from Crickland 

Concept: www.dhakacinema.com 

..... CONTINUED .......

Tino:        (Smiling gently) Thank you for reminding me. Actually I have about 20 minutes extra time. I always keep some extra time, just in case …… you know what I mean?

John:        Can I ask you a personal question?

Tino:        Of course……

John:      Which country is your dress from? It’s quite fashionable….. quite interesting (he smiles politely)

Tino:        (He found John’s style of expression quite interesting. He laughs) You reckon?

John:        My company exports a variety of products to 22 countries. We also import a range of products, shirts and various types of dresses included. But I have never seen such a shirt (his eyes points at Tino's shirt)

Tino:        And I am also sure you have never heard about my country. (Signaling with his hand, he invites John to occupy a seat).

                John sits beside Tino.

John:        Never heard about your country? This is absurd. I am a frequent flyer with up to date general knowledge. I am travelling all the time…..

Tino:        Like a bird? (He looks at John a with smiling face)

John:        Almost……almost like a bird

Tino:        But you are always flying by aero planes, right?

John:        That’s correct

Tino:        (Laughing) But there is no airport in my country. And.... it’s a tiny island almost no one knows…

John:     No airport! This is unbelievable ……… in this day in age….. (he is thoroughly surprised)

Tino:     We have a rich country, but no airport. We prefer to stay like this. Slightly old fashioned, by choice. Simple and easy lifestyle. Not too many complicated problems. No one even knows us. That’s fine. We are happy the way it is …….

John:        But what’s the name of your country?  May I ask?

Tino:        Crickland. Chances are very slim that you know this country.

John:        Crickland? That’s a very unusual name….. the name sounds familiar though …

Tino:        Oh yes, It should sound familiar because these days almost every country is playing cricket

John:        Cricket! Is that what it is? Crickland- from cricket?

Tino:        Yes. Actually our country was known as Shakundi for many many years. As we have played a lot of cricket, this sport has become extremely popular. Then 18 years ago many people proposed the name of the country to be changed to Crickland. Our King at the time had series of meetings with the Governors. Finally the name was changed to Crickland, which was followed by a 3 day long event and huge celebrations.

John:        Crickland! (He takes a pause) Now your 20 minutes time is coming to an end.

Tino:       Still some time left. Don’t worry; I know exactly what time it is now. I manage my time very well.

John:        How good is your cricket?

Tino:        TOO good. Unbelievably good.

John:        (Raising his eyebrows) Unbelievably good? How do you say that? Your country is not even playing international cricket …….. How can you say that your country is too good?

Tino:        (Laughing) You are right. We have no track record internationally. But we send each of our top class players overseas every year. They go to many cricket playing countries and attend renowned universities. Most of them are government funded and they study only two subjects, Business Management and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Their overseas study is for a variety of purposes.

John:        Like?

Tino:     Of course, cricket is their main area of expertise at the moment. However, in the future, most of these cricket players will become either a management specialist or an ICT specialist. Once they will retire from cricket they will get the best jobs in these fields within Crickland. The combination of Management and ICT can quickly improve our country. Other than that, they thoroughly learn a foreign language and can act as interpreters ....

John:        Interesting! Very Interesting! Sounds like a fairy tale to me…..

Tino:      (Laughing) What you have heard is only the beginning of the story. There is a long story and then there is …..

John:        An end of the story……?

Tino:        (Smiling) End of the story? That I don’t know. But I believe, very soon Crickland will be World Champion in T-20.

John:        World Champion? Are you sure?

Tino:       Oh yeah. Absolutely!

John:      And T-20? Is that the only format you play?

Tino:        (Ha ha ha) We play every format, but we excel in T-20. Boom boom boom (He keeps on smiling).

John:        Boom boom boom- is that what it is? Is it that easy?

Tino:        You are right. Not easy at all. But if the T-20 is played by intelligent cricketers then the chance of win is 60%, not 50, considering a standard situation. And .... if the intelligent cricketers are also responsible cricketers, then the chance of a win is almost 67%. That’s a significant increase in probability.  

John:   (Almost falling from his chair) Really! “Intelligent cricketers” “Responsible cricketers”……………. Never heard these terms……

Tino:       Now I have to go (He stands up and picks up his hand luggage. This is a small suitcase with 2 wheels, full of books and magazines)

John:       Oh! We had such an interesting conversation. I didn’t even have a chance to introduce myself …… I am John Smith and I am from Sunderlili

Tino:        My name is Tino Timusco.

John:        Can you please give me just one more minute of your time? I have not yet asked you the most important question.

Tino:        What is it?

John:        Your destination? From here?

Tino:        Right now I am heading towards Kinshin. But it will be just a stopover. My real destination is Ziato, where I will spend 3 days…. and then……. Sunderlili, your country. I only travel to cricket playing countries.

John:        You are traveling to my country! I invite you for dinner, is that OK?

Tino:        Surely. It is my pleasure to accept your invitation. From someone who understands cricket.

John:        Here is my business card. My mobile number is here. Please give me a call when you are in Sunderlili. I would love to talk to you again.

Tino:        OK. I will call you. Will you be in Sunderlili on 25th of October?

John:        Yes I will.

Tino:        OK. I will call you then. Possibly in the evening. 

John:        (He writes a note on his iPhone) I am keeping 25th evening free. Please call me. We will discuss a lot of cricket. I promise....

Tino:       Surely. 



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A VIP from Crickland 

Concept: www.dhakacinema.com 

2nd part

Dinner at 'The Reesho'


‘The Reesho’ is a 5 star hotel in the port city of Montilo, in Sunderlili. It is 7:20 pm in the evening. Tino and John are having dinner. It is a glamourous dining room. There is a crystal clear glass through which guests can see the blue waters in the large swimming pool.

Much more than dinner, it is an exchange of information between the two men. Since John met Tino, he was extremely curious to know about Crickland. Especially he wanted to know what it is behind the confidence of Tino that his country would become World Champions in T20. Didn’t he actually mean the World Cup T20 competition scheduled for next year?

Tino had arrived exactly at 7:00 pm and approached the Thai restaurant’s reception area. The Thai restaurant is one of the 7 restaurants within ‘The Reesho’. One of the hostesses guided Tino to a table where John was waiting.

John stood up, the two gentlemen shook hands and occupied their respective seats. 

John: How are you Mr. Timusco?

Tino: Please call me Tino

John: OK, OK Tino. How is everything?

Tino: Perfect!

John: How do you like Sunderlili?

Tino: I love your country. I always like my stay here, especially at Montilo. Beautiful city…. Lots of trees and ocean breeze …. Oh! I just made a poem (he laughs by himself)

John: (Smiling) Definitely a nice poem…. Please tell me about Crickland. I am really curious to know …. 

Tino: I know. I understand. He makes eye contact with John.

John: So your country never played any international cricket?

Tino: Never. However, some of our players played in teams where international cricketers also participated. That was one way how we compared our players to world class

John: Could you clarify please?

Tino: Of course, why not? Listen carefully, the international players are excellent cricket players, they are well known and recognised. Some of those players have played in their university teams, playing against other university teams where we had our players …..

John: And the result? What was the result?

Tino: In most situations our players made an impression. They were approached by cricket officials and coaches. Our players responded by saying that they were foreign students and were concentrating on their studies …..

John: You mean it is a strategy. A planned strategy.

Tino: Surely. A strategy to evaluate our strength in cricket.

John: How many such experiments have you done?

Tino: At least 300 in the last 5 years ...

John: And you can now come to the conclusion that your time has come?

Tino: You got it Mr Smith.

John: Please call me John.

Tino: Surely. John. I am fortunate to have met you. He now picks up the menu. Instantly a waiter approaches ……. 

[They ordered their drinks and food. There are 2 minutes of quietness. John and Tino looks around the environment. Then the discussion continues… ] 

John: Can you guess my occupation?

Tino: Yes, definitely…

John: Definitely?

Tino: Oh yes! I am pretty sure you are a high official connected with cricket … am I right?

John has seen many strange events in his life, but this one is extraordinary…

John: How did you find out?   ??  !!!

Tino: Too easy. Your interest in Crickland. Your interest in cricket, the way you ask questions, the type of questions you ask…

John: Which university did you attend – may I ask?

Tino: University of Tibbi - at Mon Tiara

John: I thought so.

Tino: (surprised) Really?

John: Not that particular university, I was pretty sure you had attended one of the best schools sometime in your life ….

Tino: Hm. I understand. And I am also sure that you also attended an excellent educational institution …

John: Well, yes, I studied at the State University of Sunderlili ….

Tino: (he finishes the sentences) ...... which is the best public university in this country …. so, John, please tell me what you do and what your job title is 

John: I am the General Manager of Sunderlili GX Corporation and a Member of the cricket board – you may have heard about SBCM - Sunderlili Board for Cricket Management.

Tino: Oh yes. I know SBCM. One of the famous organisations in connection to world cricket. 

John: I am really impressed with your level of knowledge! I wish I knew about Crickland earlier… 

Tino (surprised): Do you really mean it? 

John: Of course I do. Tell me, can I visit your country? No need for me to fly this time, I am tired of flying, I need a holiday, I will be happy to sail…. I really want to see your players playing ….. in a small island country without an airport …. cricketers playing T20 and dreaming of becoming world champions ….

Tino: It will be my pleasure to take you there. In fact, there has not been a better time…

John: How is that? 

Tino: Number one - right now we have the best set of players since our history of cricket, and number two – with the internet and satellite TV, we are well connected to the rest of world and it is no longer possible for us to remain in isolation …. 

John: Yes, I can understand that. Well ..... your players as well as your people are now watching other countries play cricket and they want to compete - they want to be in the big stage as well, a very simple WISH, so to say ... 

Tino: Especially our cricket officials and players have become quite impatient ....

John: (Smiling, he looks at Tino) Oh yes, I can see that....


A VIP from Crickland 

Concept: www.dhakacinema.com 

Third part

Tino and his preparations

Two top teams are playing T-20 at San Zito, capital city of Crickland. These two teams have the country’s top 30 players, from whom the National Team will be selected. Crickland is now ready to compete in World Cup T-20. The country has now sent their representative Mr. Tino Timusco to expose Crickland to the international arena. This will no be an easy job to do, although he is perfectly suited for this challenging role. Tino Timusco has been educated in the University of Tibbi, one of the best educational institutions in the world (if not the best). This famous university is situated in Mon Tiara. This very small but highly prosperous country is known mostly for education, research and innovation. Mon Tiara attracts the best students and professionals from every corner of the world. Every student at the University of Tibbi studies with a scholarship, either funded by a foundation, by the university itself or by the government of the respective country that sends a student. The students also need to meet the high academic standards set by the university. Although Crickland as a country is almost unknown to the world, it is not unknown to some countries that have high quality educational institutions. One of these countries is Mon Tiara.

Tino Timusco has recently been selected to represent his country to the World Cricket Association (WCA). On behalf of Crickland he will apply for a place as a competing team at World Cup T-20 Championship, scheduled to be held in August next year .

Fortunately, for Tino, Mon Tiara has the headquarters of the world cricket. The customs and traditions of Mon Tiara are extremely well known to Tino. He knows how to approach the top people who make important decisions. He also knows how to make a presentation the Mon Tiara way. He also has some good friends who hold influential positions in the society. His recent meeting with John Smith has also been very significant. Although John belongs to Sunderlili, he is well connected to some influential officials at WCA (i.e. World Cricket Association).

Overall, things are looking very bright. What Tino needs right now is a stroke of good luck. (To be continued)



A VIP from Crickland 

Concept: www.dhakacinema.com 

Fourth part

San Zito Stadium

San Zito stadium has a seating capacity of 200,000.  This shows how popular cricket is in Crickland. The stadium is huge. There are 4 large screens on 4 sides of the stadium. Today the stadium is fully packed as Crickland A plays against Crickland B. Both teams are equally strong. The purpose of this BIG MATCH is to select the top 15 players, who will attend a special training camp to be sent overseas to play a series of international matches - all T-20. Tino Timusco will organize this schedule. The national team they will be approaching for this purpose is Trevillie, a reverine country that plays international cricket. This country has excellent scenic beauty. Over there Crickland players will enjoy a long holiday while playing a number of matches.

Trevillie has already been approached by Crickland and was told that authorization of WCA would be required for this to happen. Crickland has planned to send Tino Timusco to Mon Tiara later on this year. But prior to that he has been making discussions with some of his connections in Trevillie and Sunderlili. None of these countries have taken Crickland seriously as it is really a small country with a population of slightly over 3 million .


To be published soon

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Cover design: Iqbal Hossain

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We plan to publish the English version of this as an e-book through Amazon Kindle during late 2014 or early 2015.

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The story of a modern business in today's world. 


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চাকরী নাই


ধারাবাহিক নাটক


প্রথম দৃশ্য


একটা অফিস এর gate এ সুন্দর signboard এ লেখা Rabbi Group of Industries. এ gate দিয়ে একটা বিলাসবহুল গাড়ী প্রবেশ করলো। গাড়ীটা গিয়ে বিল্ডিং এর সামনে দাঁড়ালো। স্যুট পরিহিত দুজন ভদ্র লোক বেরিয়ে আসলেন। একজন কোম্পানীর Chairman & Managing Director জনাব আহমেদ রাবিব এবং অপরজন Human Resource Director জনাব রফিকুল আলম। অফিস বিল্ডিং এ আসার সাথে সাথে Chairman সাহেবকে কয়েকজন উচ্চপদস্থ কর্মকর্তা ঘিরে ধরলেন। বিভিন্ন বিষয়ে ছোটখাটো আলোচনা হচ্ছে। আলোচনার বিস্তারিত শোনা যাচ্ছে না। কারন ক্যামেরা দূর থেকে দৃশ্যটা দেখাচ্ছে। শুধু বোঝা যাচ্ছে রাবিব সাহেব অত্যন্ত ব্যসত একজন CEO. যদীয় তিনি এ group এর Chairman & M.D, সবাই তাঁকে Chairman Sir নামে আখ্যায়িত করে থাকেন। এবার ক্যামেরা একটু কাছে চলে আসলো এবং একে একে কয়েকজন উচ্চপদস্থ কর্মকর্তাদের চেহারা দেখানো হলো।


Chairman – (সবাই কে উদ্দেশ্য করে) Meeting টা শেষ হোক। তারপর আমি আলাদা আলাদা করে আপনাদের সাথে কথা বলবো ...


তিনি শুধু রফিকুল আলম সাহেবকে বললেন, "রফিক সাহেব শুধু আপনি একটু আসেন, এক মিনিট কথা বলবো। তারপর একসাথেই Meeting এ যাবো আমরা।"


রফিক সাহেব - জ্বী স্যার।



দ্বিতীয় দৃশ্য


রাবিব সাহেব এর রুম। বড়, বিলাসবহুল রুম। ক্যামেরা বিভিন্ন angle থেকে থেকে তার রুম টা দেখাচ্ছে। এবার ক্যামেরা তার দিকে দৃষ্টি দিল। রাবিব সাহেব তার কোট টা খুলে চেয়ার এর উপর রাখলেন। এবং তার বিশাল চেয়ার এ বসলেন। সাথে সাথে রফিক সাহেবও অপরদিকের চেযার এ বসলেন।


Chairman – নেন, আরো দুটো C.V. আরো দুটো request, URGENT,


রফিক সাহেবস্যার, strong request নাকি light request?


Chairman – request মানে strong request, light বলে কিছু নাই। (তার মুখে বিরক্তির চিহ্ন) ব্যবসা করবো আমরা, আর কর্মচারী নিতে হবে অন্য মানুষের ইচ্ছায় ! এভাবে আর কতদিন ?


রফিক সাহেব(মুখে সামান্য হাসি) স্যার এভাবেই চলে আসছে। এভাবেই চলবে।


রাবিব সাহেব এ কথা শুনে যেন তেলে বেগুনে জ্বলে উঠলেন।


রাবিব সাহেব - বলেন কি? আপনি Human Resource Director হয়ে এ কথা বললেন। তাহলে এতো এতো Human Resource লেখাপড়ার মূল্য কি? Recruitment এ-ই যদি গন্ডগোল? আপনাদের বই তে Recruitment সম্বন্ধে কি লেখা হয়?


রফিক সাহেব এবার কোন উত্তর দিলেন না। কোন মন্তব্য করলেন না। এমনিতেই অবস্থা প্রায় বেসামাল। Chairman সাহেব কে তিনি ভালো চিনেন। হঠা করে রেগে উঠেন তিনি। এবং রেগে উঠলে আর কিছু তার খেয়াল থাকে না। মুখে যা আসে, তা-ই বলে ফেলেন।


রাবিব সাহেবআপনার irresponsible comment এর জন্য Meeting এ দেরী হয়ে গেল। চলেন চলেন, Meeting এ চলেন ...


রফিক সাহেবএকসাথে যাবো Sir?  


রাবিব সাহেবকেন ? কোন কাজ আছে আপনার?


রফিক সাহেব –  না Sir, জাস্ট একটু washroom এ যেতাম। মাত্র দু মিনিট লাগবে।


রাবিব সাহেব – (মুখে বিরক্তির চিহ্ন) আপনি আসেন, আমি চললাম। Punctuality is rule number 1 in business …… তবে ... traffic jam এর কারনেই তো late হয়ে গেলাম প্রায় চল্লিশ মিনিট, তাই না?


রফিক সাহেবের মুখে কেবল মৃদু হাসি ........... সে হাসির পেছনে লুকিয়ে আছে অনেক না বলা কথা।

......... চলবে .....